Pneumatic Rock Drills

Spartan Tool Company is the largest Pneumatic Rock Drill supplier in the Southeastern United States. These rock drills are excellent for the mining, quarrying (granite) and construction industries. Products include Canun International Pneumatic Drills, Atlas Copco Rock Drills & Hammers, Chicago Pneumatic Hammer Drills, Mid-Western Pneumatic Drills and Hammers, Toku (S-55), Toyo, Jackleg drills, Stoper drills, Sinkers, Quarry drills, Service, Repair and Parts. VIEW CATALOG

Stone Working Hand Tools

Spartan Tool Company, Inc. manufactures quality carbide tipped granite and stone working hand tools for the stone industry.  Our stone working hand tools include carbide tipped hand chisels, hand points, hand sets, hand drivers, tracers, chippers & heavy duty carbide chippers. VIEW CATALOG

Stone Hammers

We have many types of stone working hammers including alloy sledge hammers, rifter hammers, cleaver hammers, steel bull hammer sets, stone mason hammers, rubble hammers, carbon steel sledge hammers, bell hammers with wood or fiberglass handles. VIEW CATALOG

Pneumatic Stone Tools, Carbide Tipped

Our pneumatic stone tools include carbide tipped machine chisels, shank bits, carbide four point bits, carbide nine point bits, carbide sixteen point bits, carbide crisscross chisels, carbide cleanup chisels and marble tooth chisels. Pneumatic adaptors are available for UT-7 or DKR Taper to CL, CP-9 Taper to CL, and Knockoff blocks. VIEW CATALOG

Pneumatic Stone Bits, Carbide Tipped

Spartan Tool Company, Inc. produces many types of high quality carbide tipped pneumatic drill bits for the stone industry.  Our pneumatic drill bits include, CL Taper Bits, Whirley Bits, UT-7 DKR-32 Bits and CP- Sparta Bits, (CP-9A, MRD-9, 6-LHD). VIEW CATALOG

Drill Steels and Rock Bits

Our high quality drill steels and rock bits  include 12 degree taper drill steels and bits, integral drill steel rods, H-Thread drill steels and rock bits, D-Thread drill steels and rock bits, Rope Thread drill steels and bits and 125 rope steels and bits. VIEW CATALOG

Down The Hole Hammers and Bits

Spartan Tool Company, Inc. manufactures high quality carbide tipped Down the Hole (DHT) bits and  hammers for drilling in stone and hard earth. DHT bits are available in sizes from 3” to 10” in diameter.  We also sell and service several brands of Pneumatic Rock Drills and Hammers like Chicago Pneumatic and Canun. VIEW CATALOG

Stone Splitting Wedges and Shims

We also manufacture and sell high quality stone splitting supplies including stone shims, stone wedges, power wedges and power air bags. Several sizes of stone splitting shims and wedges are available. VIEW CATALOG

Stone Lifting, Hoist, Setting Accessories

Spartan Tool Company, Inc. manufactures and sells high quality stone setting accessories and supplies including Grade 80 chain, hammer locks, clevis grab hooks, slip hooks with clevis, safety shackles, screw-pin shackles, lewis pin sets, strone dogs, stone lifting clamps, spreader bars, replacement parts, mausoleum lifting pins, come-alongs, pinch bars, setting bars, digging bars and roller setting bars. VIEW CATALOG

Grinding Wheels

We sell high quality silicon carbide grinding wheels and grinding wheel accessories. Several sizes of silicon carbide grinding wheels, silicon carbide cup wheels and grinding wheel dressers are available. VIEW CATALOG

Safety Equipment for the Quarry

Spartan Tool Company, Inc. takes pride in the products we manufacture and also take personal safety very seriously.  Because all of our customers require OSHA certified safety equipment for their work place, we stock many of the basic safety products necessary for your manufacturing company. VIEW CATALOG

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