CANUN 260B sinker drills for drilling downwards are primarily used in shaft sinking and construction applications.

  • High penetration rate
  • Spring loaded handles for vibration dampening
  • Convenient operating controls
  • Automatic water pressure regulation
  • Air operated stainless steel water valve
  • Positive lubrication and front-end blow
  • Parts interchangeability with CANUN 260B Jackleg, Stoper & Quarry Drills
Cylinder diameter 3.125″ 79.4mm
Piston stroke 2.875″ 73.25mm
Piston working stroke 2.625″ 66.7mm
Impact frequency 2250.0bpm 2250.0bpm
Drill length 27.0″ 686.0mm
Weight of drill 70.55lbs 32.0kg
Air consumption (90 psi) 170.0 cfm 4.9 cubic meters
Steel size (standard) 7/8″ x 4 1/4″ 22mm x 108mm




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